Change in any successful business should be the only constant, if change stops the business stops!

Our business planning process ensures that the directors are focused and staff embrace change as all actions are clearly defined with desired outcomes.

Business Planning

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You invest thousands in your employees and therefore it is important that the return on that investment is maximised!

We work with you and the staff to streamline operational processes and ensure resource is best aligned to deliver the strategic outcomes of the business.

People & Processes

Management Sales Consultancy Business


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Running your business can be a lonely place! Ideas need further developed and developing strategy is better served with support of a trusted advisor.

Our coaching and mentoring service provides weekly or monthly engagement to support you and the business develop.

Coaching & Mentoring

Management Sales Consultancy Business


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The Care Sector

The Services are designed specific for the care sector. Many of our staff have extensive experience of adapting our core services to Care providers.

Care Framework

Care Framework works with Care Recruitment, Care Agencies, Semi Independent Transitioning to Independence and Care Homes


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Responding to Tenders

We have over 20-years experience with in the company either responding or writing corporate and local government invitations to tender documents.  We can offer both a review service or actually formulating the response on behalf of our clients.

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Marketing Material

We have designed and produced logos, flyers, brochures, compliment slips, letterheads and business cards for numerous clients over the last 10-years.  We have a number of partnerships with printers who we have chosen based on quality and value for money. 

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Interim Director

Over the years our directors have served as interim and non-executive directors in a number of organisations across different sectors.  These have included Managing Director, Finance Director and Operational Director for SME's and Charities.

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Be Visible

Your company needs to be visible and have a clear value proposition to stand out from your competitors. Marketing, hard copy and electronic communication should detail the company the services and the reason to engage.

Be Creative

Do you want to follow or do you want to be the visionary that leads the way? Learn from others but develop your own brand and achieve the first to market advantage and keep you competitors guessing. Industry leaders are visionaries.

Be Heard

Your company needs to be heard and this is where you take your value proposition out to your clients through a robust sales strategy that covers both targets and pipeline, networking, social media and face to face meetings.

Be A Winner

Being a winner involves being focused, driven and not resting on laurels.  We often make the analysis of why change is important; it keeps the business both within and outside a company that others watch.  Winners are not born, they develop!

MSCB Business Consultancy

MSCB Business Consultancy, trading as MSCB Global Limited, is a Business Consultancy that offers a wide range of services focused on making a difference to your bottom line by developing sales, reducing costs, improving systems and processes, and creating value in your business. Our consultants have over 20-years’ experience across the SME, Public Sector and Corporate Sector and work very much with the solution ethos "one size does not fit all, but many of the challenges businesses face are not unique". With our experience we can assist you to achieve your desired business goals.


Balado Arts

During the last 10-years we have been approached by artists and artisans who are sole traders, hobbiests and those just embarking on their creative journeys.  They have seen the breadth of services and asked about whether they could engage based on specific subset to bridge the gaps of knowledge or business acumen but with the obvious concern about costs.

Unlike others we have tailored solutions unique to their business and budget.

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