Sales Training

We provide a series of Sales training courses and many can be combined to provide a package or alternatively they can be booked independently and as part of Continual Professional Development.


Business Training

We view these training sessions as ideal for the small business owner who wants to provide some structure to the current working practices.  The training is ideal for the owner and the staff as they work through best practices and identifying efficiencies.  The trainin can be delivered independent or as a package of training specific to your organisation.

Our Training Courses

Many of our courses are bespoke or significantly tailored to individual or a business needs.  How often have you attended training and left dejected because it was too generic.  Well not with us.  The following provides a high level view of what is included in each course but can be tailored further to your business requirement.


Basics of Selling - A good introduction for those new to sales or as a refresher for non sales people. Covers techniques and strategies and also touches on marketing, cold calling, social media and pipeline building. Find Out More

Account Management - Account management is all about surrounding the customer, actual and subliminally.  It is also important to understand conversion rates, pipeline and the principles of filter and funnel. The training also looks at the concept of customer profiling. Find Out More

Negotiating Overview - A half day session which examines why people negotiate, the culture and the principles.  The course is delivered covering the principles but without the practical aspects and the role playing which is included in the Principles of Negotiating course. Find Out More

Advanced Selling - The advanced selling training further builds on the Account Management course with "Target Account Selling", customer profiling and scoring the client at both an individual and organisation level.  This training is based on both classroom and consultancy as we work with your sales team. Find Out More

Principles of Negotiating - A fun session where we work through negotiating techniques and building a win win culture and approach to negotiating.  What is a hot potato, do I need to know about reeling, pain and gain analysis and what are the different levels?  Knowing when to negotiate is crucial to be successful! Find Out More



Business Analysis

Project Management



Project and Processes

Being a winner involves being focused, driven and not resting on laurels.  We often make the analysis of why change is important; it keeps the business both within and outside a company that others watch.  Winners are not born, they develop!


We do not aim to make accountants of you but what we do is to assist you in understanding accounts for your business and your customers and therefore better informed in taking those critical business decisions.