People and Processes

Peter Joyce (Clackmannanshire Council)

Tenacious is how I'd describe Craig. Great colleague; supportive and always willing to give of his time and experience. My time with Clackmannanshire was all the better for him being there.

Lesley Arthur, Chief Executive (Reachout with Arts in Mind)

Craig Machan was instrumental in the growth and diversity of our organisation securing funding at an increasingly vulnerable time and working with us to determine our needs prior to identifying new premises in "The Makers Village" Alloa. His ongoing support and mentoring to establish a robust business plan has opened new creative social enterprise avenues for our organisation and membership, networking with a range of individuals and professionals. I would highly recommend Craig's advice & knowledge.

Barry Dickson Head of Service (Clackmannanshire Council)

I worked with Craig for several years on a variety of projects, including one which went on to win a national innovation award and became an international case study for both Nokia and Anoto. Craig brings a wealth of experience to any environment he works in and this allows him to make a positive impact even in the most challenging of circumstances. Not only does he add value to any team or project, he brings fresh perspective and new ideas that helps bring out the best in others. I would have no hesitation in recommending Craig to anyone considering inviting him to work with them to achieve challenging outcomes.

Sales and Marketing

Sally Ballan, Partner (Delta Computer Services)

A big thank you for all your hard work over the past two years. You quickly grasped in what areas of our business we required assistance, were thorough, professional and enthusiastic dealing direct with our prospects throughout and became a trusted arms-length member of our team. We would be happy to recommend your services to anyone.

Design Co, (Falkirk) Chosen based on engagement type to remain anonymous.

Excellent return on our investment with Kingscavil Associates. Some of the identified risks materialised and luckily we had agreed mitigating actions and other routes to market so business carried on unaffected.

Coaching and Mentoring

Jon Picollo, Business Owner (Showcase Glass)

Craig is very knowledgeable when it comes to looking to make changes to your business whether it is expansion, new direction, marketing or other changes. His advice and guidance really helps to push you in the right direction and can help you from taking the proverbial 2 steps forward and 1 back!

Turnover and Profit

Director, Property Management (Edinburgh) Chosen based on engagement type to remain anonymous.

Working with Kingscavil Associates proved to be one of the best business decisions we have ever made. When asked for the testimonial we held off for a few months to see the impact actually was, ever the skeptics. The reality was so much better, we cancelled our loan application and funded our expansion with the savings identified.