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Responding to Tenders

We have over 20-years experience within the company either responding or writing responses to corporate and local government invitations to tender documents. We have also provided support for grant applications for small businesses, charities and non for profit organisations with a high rate of success.

Our success rate is based on understanding your business and translating core values and service to what is being requested in the invitation and marrying the two up. 

Our understanding of scoring systems and familiarity of ITT's we wll advise before we start on the perceived likelihood of success, saving you both time and effort.  As with many things the process that is undertaken in formulating a response can already have a determined outcome criteria which might not be your company or services.

We offer both a review service or actually formulating the response on behalf of our clients.  The costs obviously vary but we will happily discuss payment terms to help in splitting the cost across months and periods.

Our business sector knowledge includes broad selections and can speak with our partners to provide compliance in such areas of Health and Safety, Finance, Policies and Procedures, etc.

Successes include but not limited to Council's, NHS, Financial Institutions, National Lottery - Big Lottery, Creative Scotland and Manufacturing Companies.

Responding to tenders as a main supplier or as part of a framework is a necessary evil in terms of growing your business within the large corporate or public sector space.  What we aim to do is the ground work and formulate a response that ticks all the relevant boxes based on the published criteria, for you to review and modify and submit.  This enables you to concentrate on your other business activities, the day to day operations and securing the current pipeline sales activity.